Jordan&Britni [engaged]

It had been raining the whole day, but I am SO glad Britni and Jordan decided to go ahead with their engagement photos, because I am just so in love with how they turned out. Luckily the rain let up for a bit and didn’t start back again until the very end (thus the appearance of the awesome bubble umbrellas!). Don’t you just want a warm hot chocolate after looking at these?

IMG_6162 IMG_6209 IMG_6243 IMG_6251 IMG_6285 IMG_6312 IMG_6345 IMG_6369 IMG_6378 IMG_6385 IMG_6402 IMG_6484 IMG_6508 IMG_6514 IMG_6536 IMG_6563 IMG_6577 IMG_6616 - Version 2 IMG_6648 - Version 2 IMG_6664 IMG_6691