Laura&Zach {Engaged}

Words cannot describe how excited I was to take these photos. They also can’t describe how much I love how they turned out! One thing I love about being a photographer is having the opportunity to take photos of my family. I definitely hold my family very close to my heart – my cousin Laura and her fiancĂ© being no different. Growing up, Laura and I would constantly play dress-up at our grandma’s, and so it’s no surprise that for her engagement pictures she insisted on getting dressed up – and what an amazing dress! I couldn’t have asked for a better setting or better people to take photos of. Congratulations Laura and Zach!

IMG_7348 IMG_7366 - Version 2 IMG_7396 IMG_7407 IMG_7410 IMG_7444 IMG_7474 IMG_7478 - Version 2 IMG_7490 IMG_7529 IMG_7538 - Version 2 IMG_7575 - Version 2 IMG_7579 - Version 2 IMG_7602 IMG_7649 IMG_7654 IMG_7684 - Version 2_MG_7991