Snow Day

There’s just something about the bleak trees, gray skies, crisp air, and little snow flakes falling gracefully down that make me simultaneously feel giddy and introspective. It’s a tradition that me and my long-time neighbor and good friend Georgie will spend our snow day together sledding and exploring the woods, ending in my house with the fire place lit drinking hot chocolate and eating snow ice cream my mom made. It’s hard to keep up with traditions when you get older, especially when you have a biology test to study for, but I made some time to take a few photos of the familiar things that, together, define why I like the snow so much. (Don’t worry, I eventually did go night sledding with Georgie and ate snow ice cream with hot chocolate.)

IMG_7931IMG_8019IMG_7941IMG_7930IMG_7963photo copy 2_MG_0691

And of course a self portrait!


All in all I got caught up on school work, made a snow-frog, stood on a sled while going down a hill without falling, and ate ice cream made out of snow. Pretty good, I’d say. Pret-ty good.