Lindemann Wedding {06.21.14}

Christina and Alex had a beautiful small town wedding at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on a hot sunny day in June. There were so many things about this wedding I loved that really reflected the bride and groom’s personalities. Christina’s dress, veil, shoes, and pearls had such a vintage and feminine feel. The little bags of popcorn, the pretzels, and the adorable cake topper were very unique, fun, and quirky. But the best part was working with Alex, Christina, and their wonderful wedding party. They were so easy to work with had such a happy and relaxed attitude the whole day. It was definitely evident that the bride and groom had so much love for each other, and their friends and family could plainly see it. It’s always so hard to narrow down what photos to include in a wedding blog post. It’s a balance between photos of all the details/events, or just posting the favorites. I always try to include a good amount of both, so enjoy!

_MG_8030 - Version 2 IMG_7724 - Version 2 _MG_8147 IMG_7760 - Version 2 IMG_7751 IMG_7790 IMG_7823 _MG_8227 _MG_8272 IMG_8261 IMG_8347 IMG_8357 - Version 2 IMG_8297 - Version 2 IMG_8307 _MG_8366 IMG_8409 IMG_8444 _MG_8382 IMG_8566 IMG_8543 IMG_8479 IMG_7869 IMG_8472 IMG_8851 IMG_8604 - Version 2 _MG_8461