Pyron/Tankersley Wedding // 09.07.14

I have known Victoria (Tori) since, well forever it feels like. Always mistaken for sisters and it always felt like we were. When Tori gave me a choice and told me she would love to have me as either her photographer or stand by her side as her co-maid of honor, I decided to be the photographer because there’s just something about taking photos of close friends and family that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Tori and Cade were married on a Sunday evening at the gorgeous Semple Mansion in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A dessert reception followed with delicious sweets, gelato, an espresso bar, and LOTS of dancing. These people did not stop! It was so much fun being a part of my dear friend’s big day and being able to explore a city I’ve never been to before. P.S. Minneapolis is quite awesome!

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