Scholer Wedding {06.07.2014}

A little rain won’t stop a wedding – and neither will it stop me! Unfortunately, the rain was a bit more than a little, but luckily it let up not soon after the ceremony. And how could the sun not come out after Alisha stepped out in her stunning dress – she was absolutely gorgeous! I had a blast riding around with her, her husband Brett, and their wedding party on the party bus. You know you’re going to get some wild photos when there is not one, but TWO stripper poles on the bus! And I also learned something very useful, which is where that old barn was hidden away at in Faust Park! It was so hard to narrow down the photos to put on the blog, so I just went with my favorites. Enjoy!

_MG_5663 - Version 2 _MG_6704 _MG_5677 _MG_5671 - Version 2 _MG_5708 _MG_6752 _MG_6740 - Version 2 _MG_6899 _MG_5800 - Version 2 IMG_5821 IMG_5940 - Version 2 IMG_5917 IMG_5992 IMG_6011 IMG_6024 IMG_6039 IMG_6065 _MG_7056 _MG_7172 _MG_7193 _MG_7212 _MG_7238 - Version 2 IMG_6106 IMG_6114 IMG_6202 - Version 2 IMG_6287 IMG_6355 IMG_6363 IMG_6365 IMG_6450